Welcome to OTC Global Holdings, the largest independent inter dealer broker in the world. Established in 2007, OTC has grown to become the world’s most prominent independent broker of commodities, covering financial and physical instruments globally. Over the past 15 years, OTC Global Holdings has transformed into a highly technological brokerage firm Focused 100% on global commodity markets, offering high quality execution, unparalleled customer service, and innovative technology to provide our customers with the best value that they can find in the market.

Our journey has been marked by the assembly of unparalleled talent. Fueled by EOX Live, our proprietary technological platform, our global operations unfold seamlessly. We are trailblazers, commanding a remarkable share in crucial markets – a third of all natural gas options, a third of naphtha, gas oil futures, and biodiesel, a testament to our profound influence.

OTCGH isn’t just a brokerage; it’s a convergence of traditional prowess and technological finesse. Our brokers, armed with real-time insights via EOX, navigate the complex tapestry of prices, transactions, and market trends. This cohesive blend ensures a level of execution excellence that’s not just unrivaled but transformative.

At the core of this excellence lies EOX Live, a multi-dimensional jewel in OTCGH’s crown. Its Broker Execution Platform empowers brokers, their deft hands guiding every transaction. EOX’s real-time market view enriches this journey, ensuring impeccable execution and precision. Beyond execution, EOX beckons with its innovative market data component, mirroring a price reporting agency’s accuracy, elevating the reliability of every move.

Our portfolio of companies comprises over 250 brokers, strategically positioned worldwide. London and Houston shine as our primary epicenters, joined by New York, Chicago, Louisville, Singapore, and Dubai.  We aren’t mere intermediaries; we’re architects of solutions, crafting success in a complex landscape. Our prowess lies in accessing premier liquidity pools across global markets, coupled with the prowess of top-tier experts. But our expertise doesn’t end at screens; it extends to physical assets, freight logistics, financial hedges – an orchestration that maximizes efficiency and value in every endeavor.

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EOXLive is an advanced Hybrid Voice/Electronic Trading Platform specifically created by OTC Global Holdings to deliver unparalleled insight, pre-trade and last-trade information and unmatched liquidity for OTC commodity markets. The platform provides a transparent view of the OTC market, and allows clients to execute complex orders online. Test drive EOXLive today to get a first-hand glimpse into the future of trading.

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